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About This Wiki

About This Wiki

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I have always struggled with the creation of html pages on my homepage,
since it does not really allow you to get content online fast.

This wiki is about the fastest way I have seen yet.

I set up this wiki in order to store useful information for myself and share it with others.

The wiki is mostly dedicated to computer technologies, but there also is a small private part.

Feel free to edit any of these pages, if you think it makes better sense or improves the wiki.

Add any content you consider useful for yourself or others.

Lutz Morrien

But what is a wiki site anyway? Click here to find out...

More information on this wiki


A brief overview of the application.
Explains who the main business contacts are for the application.


Full details of the database design, including all tables.
Details of the batch processes that support the application.
Complete list of servers used by the application.
Start adding requirements using this template.

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